About Us

Company Profile

Beaumont Aromatics is a company that is synonymous with credibility and trust. We are a Nigeria based government registered import house and have been growing our presence in West Africa for the past 15 years. Our primary specialty is the importing and upkeep of all kinds of material handling equipment, racking solutions, compressed air solutions, industrial/plastic packaging machinery and other miscellaneous products like industrial chillers, cooling towers, diesel engines & agriculture products.

We are exclusively represent leading Indian companies such as Godrej for material handling equipment, CMP for plastic blow molding machines and HERTZ (Germany) for Oil injected/Oil free screws, booster/pet, reciprocating and Centrifugal Oil Free Series air compressors.

Being a market leader in this field for over a decade we continue to build our local and global presence. We are aggressively expanding our business through our exclusive range of product as well as our clients and industry relations.

Our Goal

Our goal is to achieve the ultimate efficiency levels in order to maximize our clients savings in equipment, machine maintenance as well as in production solutions, quality spare parts delivery efficiency, racking solutions & compressed air solutions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a global entity. We seek to expand our business not only product wise but client wise as well.

Below mentioned are some of our specialized importing Products and Services:

  • - Material/Warehousing Equipments like forklift trucks, stackers, pallet trucks etc.
  • - Plastic blow moulding machines and the blow mould from 200ml to 200litres.
  • - All types of compressors screw type, piston type, low pressure high pressure, mobile compressors. Oil free compressor, air dryer and air accessories.
  • - Industrial tool room equipments, instruments, components etc like lathe machines, surface grinders, milling machines, electronic weighing scales, spark erosion machines etc.
  • - Ancillary Equipments like all types of granulators, industrial chillers, air driers, high speed mixing and compounding machines etc.
  • - Plastic Machinery like injection moulding machines, PVC extrusion machinery, roto moulding machines, film extrusion machines.
  • - Plastic Manufacturing turnkey projects in blow, injection, extrusion, roto moulding.
  • - Blow Moulds and Injection Moulds with mould and product design and production solutions.